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Never Married
San Francisco, California
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Looking for a Sweet, Honest and Serious Girl

OK. I'M NOT AS "INTENSE & BROODING" AS MY PICTURES MAKE ME APPEAR. :) I'm Italian-American, 6'4 tall, Black Hair, Green Eyes. I'm single, never married, and have no children. I can make someone feel like they've known me for years with one conversation because I'm very disarming, easy to talk to, and I'm a ROMANTIC! It may sound corny, and cliche but that's how it is. Besides what's lamer and more cliche than these "I love to laugh" people? Seriously? Who doesn't love to laugh? Have you met many people that hate to laugh but love to cry? ?? I'm not a serial dater, casual, or friends with benefits kind of guy, and am not the least bit interested in one of those type of situations. I am a one woman guy, I don't cheat, lie, and I always keep my promises. When I was younger I was a Chef at L'Orangerie in Beverly Hills. At the time the restaurant was rated one of the Top Two French restaurants in the United States. So, I am a good cook. But it's been about 20 years.

Best Feature
6'  4"   (193 cm)
Family Roots
White / Caucasian
My Lifestyle
Has Kids
Wants Kids
Master's Degree
Entertainment / Media / Dramatic Arts
I'll tell you later
Some Other Viewpoint
What languages do you speak?
Favorite Music
Acoustic, Blues, Classical, Classic Rock, Dance / Electronica / House, Hard Rock / Metal, Latin, Middle Eastern / Persian / Arabic, Rock & Roll, Rap / Hip-Hop, Reggae
Favorite Actors
Al Pacino, Gerard Butler, Marlon Brando, Montgomery Clift, John Wayne, Vince Vaughn
Favorite Actresses
Rita Hayworth, Audrey Hepburn, Jean Simmons
Favorite Artists
Munch, Michelangelo
Favorite Athletes
Buster Posey, Joe Panik, Brandon Crawford,Madison Bumgarner, Clayton Kershaw Joe Namath
Favorite Authors
Niccolò Machiavelli
Favorite Bands
U2, Rolling Stones, Queen, One Republic, Aerosmith
Favorite Books
Art of War
Favorite Cities
Rome, Honolulu
Favorite Clothing Stores
Jack Taylor Beverly Hills
Favorite Colors
Black, White, Silver
Favorite Country
USA all the way!
Favorite Drinks
Vodka straight up!
Favorite Fashion Designers
Kiton, Brioni, Jack Taylor, PRPS, Chrome Hearts
Favorite Fast Foods
Dont eat it!
Favorite Magazines
GQ, Rolling Stone, Time
Favorite Comedies
MILF, Ugly Truth, American Pie, Porky's
Favorite Dramas
Godfather Part II, Marathon Man, Forrest Gump, Apocalypse Now
Favorite Horror Movies
Exorcist, Omen
Favorite Action Movies
Favorite Place To Be Kissed
Favorite Plays
Favorite Politicians
I dont have a Favorite
Favorite Sports Teams
San Francisco Giants, Chicago Blackhawks
Favorite Quote From A Movie
Just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in!
Favorite Restaurants
French Laundry, Spago Beverly Hills, Postrio, Jardiniere, Farallon, Crustacean
Favorite Sports
Baseball, Polo, Rugby, Golf
Favorite Stocks
Favorite TV Comedies
Favorite TV Dramas
Favorite Foods
Italian, French, Chinese, Mexican, Persian, Middle Eastern,
All the world is a stage
Siberian Huskies, Doberman
Renaissance, Modern
Good Food
Fun, I like to camp in the mountains
Love Children
Adventurousness Very Daring
Affectionateness Somewhat Doting
Trustingness Somewhat Skeptical
Confidence Very Confident
Independence Somewhat Independent
Mood Carefree, Chill
Romance Very Romantic
Sociability Very Extroverted
Thought Process Very Artistic
Tolerance Somewhat Unbending
Dress Very Formal
Energy Very High
Go Party Never
Neatness Super Neat
Punctuality Always Early
Describe the perfect evening.
A perfect evening would just be spending it with someone I care about. Maybe a nice romantic dinner, or walk outside or on the beach. A perfect weekend would be going out of town. A nice drive up the coast to Monterey or the Central Coast (San Luis Obispo, Pismo Beach, Avila Beach), or a weekend in Napa Valley. A motorcycle ride up PCH stopping along the way to do little things and spend time together. That is the perfect weekend.
How many kids would you like to have?
I want to have as many children as my future wife desires.
How important is someone's physical appearance to you?
I might change my eye colr from Green to Blue. MAYBE, other than that I am very happy the way I am and would not change a thing. More people shoud try that. They would be happier if they learned to love themselves for who they are, and stop trying to be something else.
If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?
REALLY?????????? MAGICAL POWERS??? SERIOUSLY????? Who writes these idiotic questions??? I suppose IF I HAD MAGICAL POWERS, I would use them to end the wide spread abuse of woman and children in this world.
What is the most important lesson that you've learned?
I studied briefly at Stanford, and then transferred to Film School at UC Berkeley. I also studied Rhetoric. I like to go up to the Sierra/Nevada Mountains sometimes. They have nice lodges and great hiking trails up there. I like cook with/for someone special and then watching a DVD at home sometimes. THINGS THAT TURN ME OFF: REALITY TV! Uptight people, people that do not treat others with respect and decency, Selfish people. People that think they can disrespect others simply because they have money or are educated. Money and education is great. Being a show off about it is not. Being a SNOB or hurtful towards others is NEVER COOL either, and quite pathetic. Bad Hygiene ANOTHER MAJOR TURN OFF!!!!!!! I keep my self well groomed, and cannot stand poorly groomed, or smelly people, men or women. Well, If you like what you read so far (if you even read any of it, and didn't stop with the pictures) email me and lets talk. I have plenty more to tell. :)
What do your friends tease you about the most?
That I am a "Dreamer" because I am not afraid to try and accomplish the impossible, and I think they are to scared to even imagine it.
What gets on your nerves?
I cannot stand a misogynistic or chauvinistic man. Liars get on my nerves, and promise breakers. Guys that think it is cool to be
What is the most important thing in a relationship?
The most important thing in any relationship is LOVE, TRUST, and MUTUAL RESPECT!!!! I cannot stand liars PERIOD!!! I also have no use for men that disrespect their women by treating them as less than equal, and dismissing their opinions as if they have no value.
What turns you on?
Improper Question Guys!!!!!!!! Knowing the girl I am with is 100% loyal and honest is a turn on. Knowing I can trust my life in her hands is a turn on. Knowing my life would not be the same without her, or as happy, that's a turn on. Not being able to wait to see her and look in her eyes, is a turn on. Those are the things about a girl that attract me and turns me on. NOT HER STYLE OR LACK OF IT, OR HER BODY, OR SEXUALITY!!!!!!!!!! These are surface things,and mean NOTHING to me.
What do you hope to be doing five years from now?
In a good place and happy.