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Italian dating culture

Every week thousands of Italian natives and foreigners join our website and start looking for their perfect date, soul mate, companion or potential marriage partner. However, before you start deciding whom you want to meet in person, it might help you to gain some understanding of what to expect from the Italian dating culture.

Many relationships, even marriages and friendships blossom from flirtation. Despite the impressive amount of flirting you can achieve through body language, when it comes to dating, words are better than actions. If you’re not a native Italian, then learning a few keywords of the language will make things easier and definitely more interesting. Also you will be sure to impress the locals if you can remember a few phrases. Here are a few basic sentences to get you started!

- ‘Come ti chiami?’ meaning what’s your name?

- ‘Mi piaci!’ translates to I like you

- Vi piacerebbe andare ad un appuntamento? Means would you like to go on a date?

Another helpful phrase to familiarise yourself with is ‘Vorrei baciarti’. This means I’d like to kiss you! So don’t be surprised if you are approached shortly after hearing these words. Although the Italian dating culture is relatively modern and inline with the rest of the Western world, it is still widely believed that men should lead the way when it comes dating. Traditionally Italian men like to shower ladies with gifts and kind words before asking for a date. So ladies, don’t be too quick to approach those who catch your eye. Instead, sit back and relax. The chances are if an Italian man is interested in you then they will start the conversation, or perhaps send you a gift or throw you a gaze. All you need to do is be aware of the signs. Italian men are very proud individuals. It is completely normal for men to pay the entire bill when on a date night. In fact, many restaurant workers frown upon men who let women even contribute towards the bill. So even if you insist on paying your share, don’t be surprised if you’re money is refused, it’s all part of the Italian dating culture. Not only is the dating culture of Italians exciting and romantic, the number of long lasting marriages is also appealing to many. In Italy divorce rate is particularly low and the childbirth rate is high. This makes Italians the perfect match if you’re not only looking for excitement, but a long-term happy fulfilling relationship.

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