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Italian men style

Italian men are some of the best dressed across the globe. They always follow the latest trends and styles, making sure that they are dressed to impress at all times.

Italian men style and fashion varies across the country slightly, but one crucial rule that they always adhere to is starting with the right fit. Italian men can often be seen walking around in immaculately tailored suits, whether it’s for business purposes, an evening event or even a day out at the shopping center! They never wear suits that are baggy or oversized. In fact, 90% of Italian men said that they always prefer to buy suits that are specifically measured to fit. They tend to stay away from buying standard size suits in order to get the perfect fit and look.

Another important factor for Italian men in relation to style and fashion is colour. They like to be bold and adventurous with colours. Italians are well known for their contrasting suit and jacket textures and are not afraid to throw a few colours into the mix. The famous and exceptionally handsome model and actor, Gabriel Garko was pictured just last week wearing white jeans with a sharp fitted pink blazer, the perfect combination. But if you’re not feeling confident for bold colours just yet, you can opt for more neutral colours. As long as the fit is perfect, you’re sure to look great regardless.

Accessorising can also help you achieve the perfect look for every outfit. Italian trendsetters tend to stay away from caps and prefer a panama hat instead for the summer months. They give a more mature and sophisticated look. Especially when it comes to work, it’s important to take care choosing your accessories as well as your clothes. An outdated and shabby work briefcase can make the best of outfits look worn and ruined. Be sure to invest in a fine quality leather briefcase that is practical for the majority of your wardrobe. Alternatively, depending on your budget you could buy several styles to ensure you always have one to match all of your outfits.

If you’ve just read this and you’re still not sure how you can achieve the latest Italian men style and fashion then fear not! All you have to do is visit your local department store and ask for a consultation. A customer advisor will be happy to take a note of all your sizes so you can order a suit that fits well. They can also recommend certain styles and colours that they think will suit your figure and personality. It’s as easy as that!

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