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Italian men stereotypes

What are your first thoughts when you think of Italian men? Let me guess, Spaghetti? Pizza? Casanova? Grand accents? Handsome? The list goes on and together builds an overall picture of the Italians. But are these really our thoughts or are they just typical Italian men stereotypes? Let’s have a think about it.

So, yes the great Italians were the first to create such genius food inventions such as pizza and spaghetti, so maybe these words spring to mind quickly, and rightly so. But I wonder how many of them could actually serve up a decent plate of tagliatelle or the perfect slice of mozzarella pizza? Next time you’re at your local Italian restaurant or visiting Rome, be sure to focus your attention on the chef – not necessarily the handsome waiter in front of you!

Most likely the main culprit responsible for Italian men stereotypes has to be Giacomo Giralomo Casanova. For those of you who don’t know, he was well known for his romantic relations with women. He described himself as a man dominated by his own sensual urges. It was probably the success of his autobiography that really led to his fame, read by millions of people. In more recent days of course less people read his work, yet the tails from past generations continue, and so then do the Italian men stereotypes. In fact, many men from all over the world even like to refer to themselves as Casanova; he has become somewhat like an inspiration for men!

Now imagine that you’ve just arrived in Rome, you’re excited to see the colosseum but suddenly you become distracted by a handsome Italian. He’s speaking words you don’t understand – but it all sounds very charming and seductive so you stand and gaze, nodding in agreement. This is a frequent occurrence when you come into contact with Italians. Although it’s not known exactly why, the Italian accent has a tendency to capture the attention of anyone within reach. But be warned, whilst you’re gazing into the eyes of your very own Casanova, someone else could be in your pocket pinching your belongings! Unfortunately, pick pocketing is one of the less desirable Italian men stereotypes.

All in all, perhaps not all Italian men stereotypes are far from the truth. Maybe due to such rich histories such as that of Casanova’s, it isn’t surprising even years later we still hold such beliefs about the mighty Italians. So next time you’re visiting Italy, before you get captured by their accents and charm, be sure to sit back and observe for yourself, with a slice of pizza of course.

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