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Italian men characteristics

Women are mesmerised by men from all over the world, but there is something special that draws us to Italian men. For some of us it’s due to the immediate physical attraction whilst for others it’s because of the many attractive, but sometimes challenging, Italian men characteristics.

Italian men have a reputation for being possessive of their women, rightly so in a country that was the home of Casanova. Although some may argue that possessiveness is a controlling characteristic, Italian men do not hold the same view. Once an Italian man falls for a woman, and shows he is committed to her, he considers her as his own forever. It’s wise to understand that this is part of the Italian culture rather than a control issue.

Italian men are also characteristically known for their high levels of expressiveness. This will become known quickly should you find yourself visiting your partner’s family home. The entire family will embrace you and make you feel welcome. The families, especially then men, like to talk loudly and use over the top hand gestures. Don’t be frightened that a fight is about to break loose, it’s a perfectly normal part of Italian peoples behaviour and often represents that they are enjoying themselves. Italian men are also very expressive when it comes to showing you how much they care and love you. They always like to present women with delicate gifts and surprises in the most romantic way possible.

The saying ‘don’t tarnish everyone with the same brush’ is certainly relevant in most cases, but when it comes to Italian men characteristics, almost all of them exert a level of stubbornness. Italian men are often set in their ways and it can be very difficult to change the way that they behave. You will probably end up causing yourself a bigger headache should you attempt to break his habits of a lifetime. However, Italian men are usually heavily influenced by their mamas. So, if you really are at your wits end, and you’ve been introduced enough times, have a talk with them!

Arguably one of the best traits of Italian men is their undeniable beauty. They are stunning in any light and always appear immaculate. Italian men take great pride in their appearance and always dress stylishly, usually in tailored designer suits with braces to create a timeless look.

Despite one or two factors, overall Italian men characteristics are very positive and appeal to many singles all over the world.

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